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■ LARGE THROUGH HOLE ■ 3 jaws ■ proofl ine® chucks = fully sealed – low maintenance

5 décembre 2016

Application/customer benefi ts
• General use on standard lathes due to the through hole, but with advantage of
minimum maintenance and use also in extreme environments
• Longer life at high precision due to less wear
• Fully sealed, ideal for dry machining of castings and forgings or if high pressure
coolant is used
BP-D: Master jaws with INCH serration (1/16″x 90°)
BP-M: Master jaws with METRIC serration (1.5 mm x 60°)
(suitable for japanese jaws)
Technical features
• Constant gripping force with permanent grease lubrication
• Large through hole compatible with the standard machines
• Chuck body and internal parts case hardened
• Proofl ine®chucks= fully sealed – low maintenance

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